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History of SISS

The Secret Intelligence Services (SISS) website was initially designed with the goal of assisting potential applicants or recruits with the recruitment process in the various intelligence agencies and law enforcement organisations.  We felt a desire to relay some of our own experiences to potential candidates which we feel would benefit these organisations in the long term as a result of creating better informed, knowledgeable candidates.

After a short period of time we became aware of some potential flaws in the system which, if left unaddressed, could firstly skew the process in favour of the cheat at the expense of legitimate candidates.  Secondly, this also raised some concerns that the system was open to manipulation to a small degree and could in fact lead to a waste of resources.  Although we are clear that we do not favour any particular political or religious group, we would still consider ourselves patriot, and feel that promoting the key work of law enforcement and intelligence services is an important role and one that should be preserved.

We then began to explore other areas in the system and found weaknesses and loopholes in a wide ranging number of areas, including Money Laundering in the Financial Markets, Criminal activities and further weakness in the Governments systems.  The premise being that if 'we' can find these soft spots, then what could those people who are intent on exploiting those weaknesses likely to achieve and for what purpose? 

The expansion of the site has been organic and responsive to current demands for analysis in an extremely wide number of subjects but most notably Fintech and Exponential Technological development.  Work from some of our partners, contributors and innovators has propelled us in these directions and opened up a whole new area for us.  An area consisting predominantly of Ahead of Time thinking, Research and Concept Development.

Unlike some niche sites, we do not promote a particular ideology but rather, attempt to nurture and develop innovative thinking without the constraints of ego, social norms or any other harnesses which restrict freedom of thought and idea development.  We are often heard saying that there is not such thing as a bad idea, but having no idea is a crime.  Sometimes that notion is stretched somewhat, but overall and over time, this is something we strongly believe in preserving.

Whichever way you wish to use or interpret the information and ideas on this site is entirely up to you.  This could be the start of a wonderful, fruitful and blossoming relationship or, it could simply be a grown up, but memorable one night stand.

Statements of Principle

The objective of SISS is to create an understanding that we are individuals first and foremost, within a society which requires respect and consideration of other peoples thoughts, beliefs and individual circumstances regardless of geographical location, place of birth, religion  or political belief.  We believe that the quest for such values should as individuals and members of society should and will be mirrored more effectively in the Nation as a whole.  It is our belief that these rights should be protected through the pursuit and propagation of Liberalist policies but with the explicit intent, when necessary, to bring an end to the use of force as a result of any extremist policies or ideologies from any side of the spectrum.  As such, the following core Statements of Principle apply:


  • SISS believes in the democratic process of development for the individual, society and nation states in all areas through the propagation of liberal ideals.


  • SISS is committed to encouraging debate through peaceful and respectful means and is opposed to radicalism or extremist ideology which promotes violence of any description. 


  • While SISS promotes liberal ideals and methods of communicating those ideals, it is unyielding in its support for military action against those who foster or promote radical and extremism views, with the aim of causing harm to British citizen or allied nation states. 


  • SISS believes the rights of the individual, their society and the nation they are part of, should be protected to the fullest extent possible and in accordance with Western democratic and humanitarian principles.


  • SISS believes the future is dependent on freedom of thought and providing all individuals with the ability to put forward their own ideas or ideas of the groups they represent in accordance with Democratic and Humanitarian principles.


  • SISS is committed to investing time and resources to develop and nurture on an on-going basis, innovation, learning and Ahead of Time Research and concept development.


Contributors and Signatories.

Here we off an invitation to contribute and sign up to to our core principles and join us to promote those principles.  We do not represent, or have allegiance to, any political or religious group what sover, and our desire is to create a better future for our citizens first, then others around the globe who share similar views in terms of the methods of engaging in debate, done so peacefully and democratically.  All views should be considered as long as they are done so through debate. 

The sheer speed of technological development now, compared to even ten years ago, is so great and happening at such an exponential pace, that only efficient systems will be able to react swiftly enough.  In this context, we would describe an efficient system as one which is not burdened by geo-political, religious, legal, economic or undemocratic restrictions.  These will simply negate attempts to guide the path of future development.

If you would like to contribute or become a signatory please complete the brief form below.  You will receive the latest articles and news immediately.  We also invite our signatories to get involved in some of our work, as well as providing introductions to some of our other patrons and the intelligence companies we work with.

The Remora Principle
The CEO at Patrium Intelligence (one of our appointed Private Intelligence Agencies) recently coined the term "The Remora Principle" and how it describes a method of operating within Secret Intelligence globally.  The phrase to 'operate within the shadows' is often used, however the Remora Principle outlines in specific detail how effective intelligence gathering is achieved by not only staying within the shadows of a larger, more distracting element, but to move with it.  It provides key steps Intelligence Agents should take to ensure effective information gathering and reporting to officers, and focuses more on modern technological advancement.  By following the steps outlined within the Remora Principle, one is able to then tailor specific actions that are applicable to individual operations.
Q: Can we induce an event which leads to a material and significant change in a person’s ability or behaviour which would be useful to an organisation such as MI6?

Straps yourselves in for a little bit of a wild ride, so if extreme sports of the academic or indeed philosophical kind are not your thing, then please unbuckle now and leave the park. The four terms used in the title would appear at first glance to be connected, but for the purposes of this article, are not.  There is a distinct, and key difference in that they refer to a journey of sorts.  The journey of the mind and neural functionality that eventually leads to a change which has been caused by an ‘event’. Each term describes a condition.  A condition of the brain at a point in the journey. 

Where did my Taxi Driver and my money go?”


Whenever there is a radical and rapid development in Technology, the voices of those who fear the human effects of such developments sing loud.  Of course, debate is ultimately a healthy proposition when conducted in the correct manner i.e a respectful exchange of ideas, evidence and facts to determine the truth or at least the likelihood of why ‘something’ happens.  The problem is that as we venture further up the emotional curve and hit the raw nerve of public consciousness, a healthy debate, absent of extreme views, is less and less likely.   This is quite possibly the stage we are at now when it comes to the vast changes of technological development at exponential rates of growth.  If one then throws into the mix a subject such as Artificial Intelligence, which has been the subject of many a doomsday prophecy, especially in the fictional world, then the prediction of likely effects  becomes distorted.  There are a vast number of capillaceous issues branching out from each topic within AI and on a scale which precludes us from analysis in this article due to time.  However, there are rarely more topics as emotive as a person's job and their ability to generate income in order to will driverless cars render the taxi driver extinct and will money even be necessary in any form? Read More. 13.08.19

Dark Web

An Opportunity or Threat?

Perceived wisdom suggests the Dark Web is synonymous with illegal activities involving weapons, drugs and pedophiia.  The assumption has been that if you use it, then you have something sinister to hide.  To be fair, closure of drug giants like "Silk Road" did nothing to change those perceptions.  However, in the big brother world of surveillance, the search for privacy is demanded by the majority and will be found in some way or another.  Furthermore, in a society where people are being increasingly attracted to the fringes of life,  the shift to increasing usage of the Dark Web is a given.  That does not mean it is wrong however, and as we often witness, it is people from the 'fringes' who sometimes operate outside of social norms, who provide the greatest sources of innovation.  We firmly believe the dark web will undergo an upgrade of sorts and although usual, non-secured browser based sites will attract some attention, their days are numbered.  The really exciting proposition is to predict Dark Web 2.0, 3.0 and so on. Rather ironically, but understandably, it is the law enforcement and intelligence agencies who are spending more and more resources on hiding within the shadows of the Dark Web.  It has been the most effective way so far.  However, as it grows, it will it continue to be the safe haven of the criminal or will some form of regulation (such as was with the legalisation of drugs etc), prevent the extreme offenders?  Take the example of Silk Road. It is not only possible, it is probable.  Whether you are in favour of legalisation generally or not,  in many cases it is a safer option.  Many of the sites that offered Marijuana were ran as slick commercial organisations where consumer satisfaction was paramount.  The product was therefore of superior quality (apparently) and it was offered within the relative safety of the internet and not some dark street corner.  Maybe that one is for the liberals out there.  For our purposes however, it shows that the deep dark web does actually have a USP which can be monetized, namely privacy.  Looking further head therefore, the real drug that will sell well in our 'Orwellian' future, is anonymity.  That will undoubtedly be the most precious of commodities.


As it stands now however, people and the societies they live in tend to display tendencies to self-regulate and yes, whilst there is always potential for abuse, the masses will (or should) drive the market to some degree of parity.  There are certainly huge opportunities around the corner.  A secured 'blockchain'esque' physical depository for parcel delivery is bound to happen on a large scale and accompany the growth of the Dark Web.  That is because the only chink in its armour at the moment is complete anonymity with delivery of items. Imagine a secure facility where parcels (aka Data) entering from one side, is subjected to 'scrambling' (aka 'Encryption') and leave the other side to be collected by a seemingly unconnected party (aka 'You').  Now multiply that across every City in the UK.  You then have what one can REALLY call an encrypted, secure, supply chain that would be undetectable to all agencies and, most importantly, legal  Read More.

Innovation, technology and the military are inextricably linked, and throughout history whenever there is a technological breakthrough, one of the first beneficiaries is invariably the military.  Whether it is recent developments such as GPS, or much later, Galileo selling telescopes to Italian monasteries to see enemy ships approaching, the human desire to conquer or defend is paramount. With the 'genie' firmly out of the bottle, Artifical Intelligence will become a 'game changer' in the Military world as for many, the upsides are simply too strong to worry about potentially disastrous consequences.  Here we take a look at the detail and the precise areas of growth just around the corner.Read More

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