Alright so "Scrum Master" is quite possibly the most middle class job title in the UK, and may not quite fit in with moves to 'get hip' and align MI6 more closely with the youth of today.  It does appear however, to be an area of growth in many Central & Eastern European countries at the moment.  The role involves more than simply acting as a Chairman or the Social Secretary of your 'house'.  Despite the unfortunate title, at its core is an Agile approach to developing team performance.  One wonders what the MOSSAD or SVR counterparts calls themselves.

The short and accurate answer is YES, and the impact on Intelligence Services will be profoud...it's the game changer.


Now the Quantum Genie is out...is Cryptography and Security as we know it, dead?

The 'tap on the shoulder works'. Don't call us, we'll call you.

There are some very good, and more obvious reasons why the tap on the shoulder method of recruitment works. It has been used since the begiining and will continue to be used in the future.  It works.  Why?  Apart from the obvious i.e the avoidance of "walk in's" which therefore eliminates the prospects of a double agent entering the organisation, there are less obvious, more subtle (less Policitcally Correct) benefits.  We recently wrote about the "Buddhist Spy" and highlighted how removing temptation from an Intelligence (or Operational) Officer as well as an Agent, was often critical in aiding autonomy in the field, as well as trust.  The process of targeting an asset for recrutiment is of course completley different and conducted by entirely different people compared to those involved in the more 'vanilla' graduate recrutiment campaigns.  That said, there are some cross-overs.  There are also some serious deficiencies and limitations to the more exclusionary Oxbridge focussed pool of candidates.  In essence there is no one way.  There are lots of types needed to fit into an organisation like MI6 or MI5, and representatives from all walks of life and parts of society will be included.  The days of Kim Philby certainly highlighted how 6 can get caught with their draws down in Oxford and Cambridge, and indeed they did...in some cases literally.  Things probably have not changed that much and there will still be the ususal contingent of 'Russian Reps' walking the cobbled paths of Trinity.  It all depends on the job in hand. 

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What do the current versions of Cambridge Analytica look like now?

April 13, 2020

Serviced offices full of a dozen people scouring data?  Teams of social media moles?  Slick marketing/PR executives selling their wares to Political candidates?  Not any more.


Cambridge Analytica caused them to disperse rapidly.  Try individuals or groups of no more that three, dotted around, and many of them.  Independent.  Not an office to speak of, but processing powers growing at rates proponents of Moore's Law would understand. Not hackers, not illegal (at worst...very close) and plausibly deniable.  And let's not forget...Pandemic safe and isolated.  The future.

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After AI comes

Quantum AI...and then?

When Google's Sycamore effectively moved us to the next step in AI it will become one of those defining moments...but how will Quantum Artificial Intelligence affect the Intelligence World?


Assuming AI and a Viral Life will live together hand in hand - for the time being at least. What will replace the Internet and the key transporter of the most important resource on the planet - Data? What could possibly come after AI?  The answer is, it has already been replaced.  Only a few years ago, the idea of Quantum Computing was destined to be forever theoretical, now it has been done.  The nexts steps in Quantum Field Theory are a little more complex to say the least.  But could Quantum Gravity (aka 'String Theory', be the bridge, or a Planck (for the nerds out there) that joins the impossible?  Quantum Computing and Einsteins Theory of Relativity.  To make such as leap was madness to even contemplate, but now, not so much?  Imagine the implications...

"Anyone who thinks they understand Quantum Secret Intelligence, doesn't understand Quantum Secret Intelligence"

Finding one person or one nation to blame is just going to waste time.  Focus is on the here and now, and then recovery.

At times like these, finding someone to blame or accusing various Governments or Organisations of acting too late or irresponsibly is a luxury one can only afford in times..... not like these.  Of course, there will be criticisms, there will conspiracy theories and who knows, maybe some of them might be true.  But what remains, is what it is.  So the UK Government will be trying to find a fair balance between delivering some positive soundbites (the 'noble lies' we referred to) and keeping order, and the mammoth task of committing resources at the right time and in the right places.


Of course, this is a war.  It is a war we have been preparing for and a war which unlike in previous years

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Blockchain. Crypto was the warm up....how tech development works in the real world.

Blockchain technology is now entering its teenage years, and yet the general public still either knows very little about it, or assumes it is "something to do with bitcoin". (that's the most common one).  The exact origins will probably never be known for sure, but its application in numerous other industries and systems is more certain.  If we simply follow the money, we can see where the investment is currently taking place and it is not just financial markets.  Plans are already in the pipeline for the next generation where blockchain laid the foundations, and where aspirations go somewhat higher than just bitcoin. 

Politcal but more importantly, public, changes in Europe, notably Italy, Poland, Germany and others over recent years are causing increasing concern.  The rise of the far right 'neo-fascist' movements is gathering momentum and the usual diplomatic routes to entry are not having enough success.  When compared to the US, Europe in terms of size and number of (federal' like countries) is tiny.  However, the difference in political ideology goes much further than any Route 66.  Their brains tick differently and their histories are such, that even the closest of their neighbrours, struggles to learn what drives them, although clearly in the case of Poland, religion is a huge driver.  One well known far right rperesentative recently told his members that the reason Poland did not have much in the way of terrorism was because of their belief in God and more importantly, their family values.  Seemingly in a time warp, these are commonly held views and ones that will drive the current movements.  On the flip side, the country is riddled with alchoholism, drug related crime and (as with nearly all mainly Catholic countries) has a burgeoning and influential organised crime network.  Which is quite possibly more responsible for low terrorism levels than God himself?  Either way, there is a vast difference between Poland and even its more tech savvy neighbour Estonia and friends across the river in Helsinki.  Many of their neighbours are moving forward and constantly looking to reform and develop, as opposed to the Poles who remain very much a defensive nation.  One, which quite understandably, still bears the scars of both wars.  So, in these sorts of countries, especially ones with such strategic geo-political importance, intelligence gathering on the ground will prove more successful than current conventional cyber strategies.  Let's not forget also, it was not that long ago that the UK had its own issues with the trade unions and, in our case, far left movements which also required physical infiltration, a long time before cyber-surveillance.  So there are comparisons.  If the time bombs are ticking in countries like Italy, Germay and Poland, then the Intelligence Agencies will have planned and prepared for these events well before now. Read More

Is knowing how to nearly break the Law is an important skill


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