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Verbal Reasoning Online Test - Methods to Avoid!!

Following on from the method outlined previously i.e. what candidates should not do if they want to pass the tests legitimately.​

They will:

1.  Set up four alias emails such as Yahoo, Gmail, Aol etc.

2.  Register to take the online test.  


3.  Gather information.  The 'actual test won't start yet.  The idea at this stage is to prepare a database of answers, ideally over a two-day period.  Long enough to spot a change or rotation in the questions and answers, but short enough to ensure that when they take the real test the database that has been built up is still relevant.  Remember, by tackling the tests this way, the chances of passing will be around 80% every time, so they would normally take time and keep the records accurately.​

4.  There does not appear to be a need to do anything complicated such as TOR, Tails or air gaps to conceal location/identity.  So just a VPN is normally sufficient for their purposes.  They are now ready start the data build.

5.  They will then load up question one out of the 22.  Screenshot first page, second page etc. until all done.  Each question will have three questions so they will end up with 66 screenshots.  Remember, for these individuals it's all about saving time and making the process more efficient, so they won't bother printing them all out.  Creating a table and then the following is done once all the screenshots are taken.

Page one might look like this:

Question 12

Subject: Spamming

"Spamming is an often used method of targeting .........." (The subject is normally five or six lines long and in this case, will cover the topic of 'spamming'_.


A.  Costs

B.  Mobile

C.  Sporgery

D.  Spam 

The answers are one sentence long.  All that needs to be done is to write down one keyword from each sentence that helps pin-point it later.  The reason for doing this will become obvious later on, but in essence it allows one to quickly spot if the four possible answers in the real test are exactly the same as the ones where the details were taken from in the 'pre-test'.  The 'curved ball'.  Sometimes when it comes to do the real test, question 12 in the subject under 'spamming' will have four different answers so this is a quick way of identifying whether or not that has happened.  Remember, when taking the actual test then speed is of the essence and any real thought is to be saved for a situation (should it occur) where the pre-answered questions are not the same as the actual test i.e.  being prepared for the unexpected and allowing thinking time to tackle that situation should it arise.  It sounds complicated, but it's not.

So, in this example, once all the answers are printed, one then proceeds to answer the question in advance and taking time to ensure the answer is 100% correct.  Let’s say here the answer to question 12 is "C.  Sporgery".

6.  Answer all 22 questions.  So, in the end, under the topic "Spamming" there will be three answers C, B and D for example.  When the real test is taken for real, if question 12, has Costs. Mobile, Sporgery and Spam as the answers then it is an exact match and one can quickly answer "C".  If the answers were completely different and do not match a particular sequence in the database of answers, then that means it will have to be answered legitimately and/or guess.  In practise, this will happen very infrequently and on no more than 15%-20% of cases.

7.  When all the answers have been compiled, after a day or two, they will register and repeat the process.  If all the questions and answers are exactly the same then they wait another day until a batch of different data is online.

8.  If this is done four times over a period of two or three days then there will be numerous answers matching different questions.  Oleeo or Cubiks may have three different questions each time for the subject of spamming, but it doesn't matter, because they will already have the answers.

9.  The final step therefore, is to take the real test.  Keep the pad or database, spreadsheet (whatever method chosen) or questions easily to hand.  Going through each question in turn and, if the prep has been done correctly, least 80% of the questions should be answered in less than 5 minutes.  The rest are done at leisure, safe in the knowledge that at least 80% of the test is 'in the bag.'

Situational Judgement Online Test

As mentioned previously, this test is not timed and in fact that means that in some ways more time can work against the candidate.  A similar method of preparation as above can be used.  Each time they register for the test, screenshots are taken and the same is done for all the situational judgement questions.  Again, taking time to work through the answers is important.  A summary of the 'scenario' for each question is written separately and then weightings for each answer are calculated​

Other methods of trying to circumvent the process may have been used.  To reiterate, we do not approve such methods as they are not necessarily the methods MI6 will have wanted to test and doing them legitimately is of course the most honest and recommended method.  We have simply pointed out methods that some candidates may use to ensure that passing the tests is, frankly, not at all difficult.  No doubt the companies who are setting these tests will be aware of such potential flaws and will have put processes in place to remedy the situation.

MI6 goes out of its way to highlight the fact it is focussed on candidates who can demonstrate a high degree of integrity and honesty, as trust amongst colleagues is extremely important.

In further sections on this site we will provide tools and recommendations you can use to  increase your chances of success, using tried and tested exercises.  To register for free copies of our never seen before test papers, click here.

The Remora Principle
The CEO at Patrium Intelligence (one of our appointed Private Intelligence Agencies) recently coined the term "The Remora Principle" and how it describes a method of operating within Secret Intelligence globally.  The phrase to 'operate within the shadows' is often used, however the Remora Principle outlines in specific detail how effective intelligence gathering is achieved by not only staying within the shadows of a larger, more distracting element, but to move with it.  It provides key steps Intelligence Agents should take to ensure effective information gathering and reporting to officers, and focuses more on modern technological advancement.  By following the steps outlined within the Remora Principle, one is able to then tailor specific actions that are applicable to individual operations.
Q: Can we induce an event which leads to a material and significant change in a person’s ability or behaviour which would be useful to an organisation such as MI6?

Straps yourselves in for a little bit of a wild ride, so if extreme sports of the academic or indeed philosophical kind are not your thing, then please unbuckle now and leave the park. The four terms used in the title would appear at first glance to be connected, but for the purposes of this article, are not.  There is a distinct, and key difference in that they refer to a journey of sorts.  The journey of the mind and neural functionality that eventually leads to a change which has been caused by an ‘event’. Each term describes a condition.  A condition of the brain at a point in the journey. 

Where did my Taxi Driver and my money go?”


Whenever there is a radical and rapid development in Technology, the voices of those who fear the human effects of such developments sing loud.  Of course, debate is ultimately a healthy proposition when conducted in the correct manner i.e a respectful exchange of ideas, evidence and facts to determine the truth or at least the likelihood of why ‘something’ happens.  The problem is that as we venture further up the emotional curve and hit the raw nerve of public consciousness, a healthy debate, absent of extreme views, is less and less likely.   This is quite possibly the stage we are at now when it comes to the vast changes of technological development at exponential rates of growth.  If one then throws into the mix a subject such as Artificial Intelligence, which has been the subject of many a doomsday prophecy, especially in the fictional world, then the prediction of likely effects  becomes distorted.  There are a vast number of capillaceous issues branching out from each topic within AI and on a scale which precludes us from analysis in this article due to time.  However, there are rarely more topics as emotive as a person's job and their ability to generate income in order to survive...so will driverless cars render the taxi driver extinct and will money even be necessary in any form? Read More. 13.08.19

Dark Web

An Opportunity or Threat?

Perceived wisdom suggests the Dark Web is synonymous with illegal activities involving weapons, drugs and pedophiia.  The assumption has been that if you use it, then you have something sinister to hide.  To be fair, closure of drug giants like "Silk Road" did nothing to change those perceptions.  However, in the big brother world of surveillance, the search for privacy is demanded by the majority and will be found in some way or another.  Furthermore, in a society where people are being increasingly attracted to the fringes of life,  the shift to increasing usage of the Dark Web is a given.  That does not mean it is wrong however, and as we often witness, it is people from the 'fringes' who sometimes operate outside of social norms, who provide the greatest sources of innovation.  We firmly believe the dark web will undergo an upgrade of sorts and although usual, non-secured browser based sites will attract some attention, their days are numbered.  The really exciting proposition is to predict Dark Web 2.0, 3.0 and so on. Rather ironically, but understandably, it is the law enforcement and intelligence agencies who are spending more and more resources on hiding within the shadows of the Dark Web.  It has been the most effective way so far.  However, as it grows, it will it continue to be the safe haven of the criminal or will some form of regulation (such as was with the legalisation of drugs etc), prevent the extreme offenders?  Take the example of Silk Road. It is not only possible, it is probable.  Whether you are in favour of legalisation generally or not,  in many cases it is a safer option.  Many of the sites that offered Marijuana were ran as slick commercial organisations where consumer satisfaction was paramount.  The product was therefore of superior quality (apparently) and it was offered within the relative safety of the internet and not some dark street corner.  Maybe that one is for the liberals out there.  For our purposes however, it shows that the deep dark web does actually have a USP which can be monetized, namely privacy.  Looking further head therefore, the real drug that will sell well in our 'Orwellian' future, is anonymity.  That will undoubtedly be the most precious of commodities.


As it stands now however, people and the societies they live in tend to display tendencies to self-regulate and yes, whilst there is always potential for abuse, the masses will (or should) drive the market to some degree of parity.  There are certainly huge opportunities around the corner.  A secured 'blockchain'esque' physical depository for parcel delivery is bound to happen on a large scale and accompany the growth of the Dark Web.  That is because the only chink in its armour at the moment is complete anonymity with delivery of items. Imagine a secure facility where parcels (aka Data) entering from one side, is subjected to 'scrambling' (aka 'Encryption') and leave the other side to be collected by a seemingly unconnected party (aka 'You').  Now multiply that across every City in the UK.  You then have what one can REALLY call an encrypted, secure, supply chain that would be undetectable to all agencies and, most importantly, legal  Read More.

Innovation, technology and the military are inextricably linked, and throughout history whenever there is a technological breakthrough, one of the first beneficiaries is invariably the military.  Whether it is recent developments such as GPS, or much later, Galileo selling telescopes to Italian monasteries to see enemy ships approaching, the human desire to conquer or defend is paramount. With the 'genie' firmly out of the bottle, Artifical Intelligence will become a 'game changer' in the Military world as for many, the upsides are simply too strong to worry about potentially disastrous consequences.  Here we take a look at the detail and the precise areas of growth just around the corner.Read More

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